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Our New Store is Now Open!

Come visit us at our new location! 155 W 1st St. Dimock, SD 57331
New Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-6:30PM, Saturday 8:00AM-2:00PM

Back to School Fundraisers

School will soon be back in session and fundraising starts. Check out our Fundraising program by talking to Rita ... you can call her at 605-928-3833 or email her at We have had great success with our program and you earn good money and our products sell themselves everyone loves Dimock Cheese!!!!

Hungry for Truth

Dimock Cheese featured on Hungry for Truth Website. Take a look at the article here:

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Dimock Cheese, Handcrafted Artisan Cheese
Dimock Dairy Inc.,


Mon - Fri 8AM - 6:30 PM

Saturday 8AM - 2 PM

Sunday Closed

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